Being categorized amidst other fields in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) of Iran, and concerning the mind-psychology of mankind, Psymentology has an Interuniversalist perspective on the human being with an all inclusive approach. Mind and psyche each are dealt as a separate concept in Psymentology, comprising a specific part of an individual. This subject tries to alleviate mental and psychic disorders.

Psymentology Objective
The main target of Psymentology is the recognition of humankind, and the constituent softwares of the human existence, the diagnosis and treatment of mental and psychic disorders, as well as the unknown & unidentified disorders, which could also be pursued further as sub-classified below:

  1. Acquiring Self-recognition in order to truly locate the human status in universe and the constituent softwares of the human existence.
  2. Provision of precise definitions embracing the Human; Excellence; Perfection & man’s Culmination, & etc.
  3. Assisting mankind to attain the best quality of:
    • Well being
    • Well doing
    • Well having
    • Well thinking
  4. Diagnosis of mental and psychic disorders along with resolving and software treatment of the above-mentioned problems.
  5. Provision of up-to-date definitions in relation to mental and psychic maladies, besides diagnosis and dissociation of normality and abnormality.

Founded by I thirty years ago, “Psymentology” or “Interuniversal Mind-Psychology” has now gone through its experimental phases quite successfully for the past two decades, and likewise being introduced as Psymentology during the recent five years in scientific assemblies.
The cause to establishing such a field (as the founder of Faradarmani & Psymentology) is my encounter with the truths and facts of existence, excessively grabbing my attention as a child; reflecting over “Where do we come from? Where are we going to? Why are we here? Where are we heading to? Who is the creator? What has he made the creation for? What is the outcome of this creation? Who is mankind? What are the possible ways to approach & acknowledge Him? How are His potential powers activated? What are life and death? And etc.” I mean I had a great enthusiasm to comprehend the existing universe, to discover its mysteries and secrets which was incessantly conquering my mind. Then, on November 1st 1978 and all of a sudden, some mental inspirations and revelations occurred to me following which some dimensions/angles of the human being and existence were disclosed, and led me to the understanding that there is an immense Awareness & Consciousness dominating the whole of existence. Identical to a “Cosmic Internet”, this all-encompassing awareness has integrated all its constituent elements covering them up consciously. This revelation was not only including the theoretical issues but also the applicable information and operational instructions for practice; therefore the manner of applying such an Internet was the due reason to establish fields like: Faradarmani, Psymentology, and some other. As a consequence to such a perception came the “Interuniversal” mentality, based on which mankind is supposed to expand his reflections unto the entire existence, viewing life from a wider viewpoint, figuring and reaching out to his/her own unique position.

Psymentology: General Principles

    1. The human existence possesses an infinite number of interrelated components. Likewise, any method intending to analyze him must previously contain an “Interuniversalist” approach, simply to be able to inclusively explore his infinite number of interrelated existing components all together.
    2. Without knowing about man’s intrinsic essence and philosophy of existence, besides his true status in the ecosystem, his behavior and personality as well as other definitions relating to mankind can not be lucidly interpreted and illustrated. Having this in mind, Psymentology pays special attention to the comprehension of man’s stance in the ecosystem.
    3. Man’s psyche, physique and other constituent elements in his existence are considered all integrated and unified, whereas separating them apart would only lead to erroneous consequences.

With regards to the fact that Psymentology is an Interuniversal science, each and every internal and external factor contributing to man’s conduct is totally investigated.