Psymentology Clinical Case 2

This patient is a 47 year old female who has been suffering from depression for ten years, was hospitalized and underwent treatment after signs of hypersomnia, hyper sexuality, visual, tactile and somatic hallucinations, and feeling of outstretched legs and restlessness.

After a period of 5 days the drug of lithium was discontinued and after that approximately every month she had experienced depression, anxiety and fear attacks for 1 to 2 days, while only referring to a psychologist.

After the suicide of her child 3 years ago,the patient was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and with the mechanism of denialof her son’s death, she was again affected by severe depres- sion and attempted to commit suicide.

She again takes medication and decides to discontinue the drugs after one week due to the side effects.The patient became familiar with Faradarmani and Psymentology and experiences a lot of discharge within one year.The symptoms were relieved after the repeated connections (Etesal) of Faradarmani and Psymentology. Until now, the symptoms only intensify on the anniversary of her son’s death and each time is also controlled by Faradarmani and Psymentology.


This patient has had bipolar effective disorders since 10 years ago and shows a strong he- reditary tendency. Before coming into contact with Faradarmani and Psymentology, the therapy wasn’t enough and therefore recrudescence of symptoms with short intervals.

After acquaintance with this method of complementary medicine, the symptoms were un- der relative controlfor the past 2 years and the repeated attacks which were alleviated. It seems that she is moving towards complete remission and this case will be clarified in the following follow ups.

Patient’s Feedback

I am 48 years old. In 1999 I was severely depressed for some reasons and was under care of a psychiatrist in Atiye Hospital (Shahrak e Gharb). As I was pre- scribed lithium carbonate, The Psychiatrist of the setting, Dr.Hadad, diagnosed me with “Mania”. I was in such a bad situation that my Psychiatrist suggested to become hospitalized which I refused.

I gradually decreased my dose and later stopped my medication. After that, I would often become severely depressed and anxiety, phobia and etc, were my com- mon symptoms.

In June of 2007 my second child who I loved dearly, committed suicide and passed away. I was near death and in July of same year committed suicide but was taken to Logh- man hospital and survived but was in critical mental situation. Afterwards, I got familiar with Faradarmani and started my treatment with this approach and also by attending Fara- darmani courses, obtained correct insights. Sometime ago, I had a visit with Dr. Hadad and she said I have reached from stage BIID to BID and this is a good situation and I had a good treatment process in these three years. She also mentioned that according to medical science, a stage BID patient should have regular medication, but I don’t take even one pill. Thanks to my dear teacher, I have good mental health and I also teach Faradarmani myself.