Psymentology Clinical Case 1

This case is a 26 year old married female who has phobia of her mother’s death since she was 9 years old. She has acute attack of anxiety, crying, talkativeness, palpitation and nausea which continued for 2 weeks with restlessness, insomnia, and finally severe nervousness. These attacks recrudescence 3 or 4 times each year. 6 weeks after marriage and due to father’s death (5 years ago) the disease intensified and the signs were aggravated. After consulting a psychiatrist and using 24 pills a day (which the patient doesn’t remember the name of them) for 6 weeks signs got better but the side effects were depression, hypersomnia and indifference.

Since 2006, after becoming acquainted with Faradarmani and Psymentology, changes were witnessed after the first session of Faradarmani, because of side effects of the drugs she preferred to continue this method. With referring repeatedly to the psychiatrist and noticing signals of remission the dosage of the drugs were lowered. Within 6 months of Faradarmani she decided to stop using the drugs even though the doc- tor had recommended not to because of severe withdrawal symptoms;the only withdrawal symptoms reported were mild headaches for a couple of nights. The patient also suffered depression a year before during pregnancy with remission after Faradarmani and no problems after child birth.

Family history of the patient

The mother suffered from depression and the brother was aggressive and restless.


The patient is a female diagnosed with bipolar effective disorders with the signs of panic attacks that finally result to nervousness. The patient was under therapy for a while and since the medication has not effectively been identified, the method of therapy can also not be identified. But nevertheless, she was under relative control under the medication with attention to the severe side effects.After Faradarmani, the patient willfully and suddenly discontinued the medication, with no withdrawal symptoms. She also had recrudescence of symptoms during the pregnancy period which was controlled by Faradarmani without any medication.She had no signs of the symptoms after accouterments and is currently in partial remission.

In His Nameless Name

I  …….  Was born in 1984, hold a BS degree and have a 3 months baby. I was suffering from panic attacks since I was 9, mostly in spring and autumn.  Each cycle would last 15 to 20 days and I had symptoms such as stress, severe anxiety, restlessness, palpitations, frequent urination and frequent bowel movement, vomit, loss of appetite, intense crying and finally anger and infuriating. At first, these attacks were once or twice per year but as I became an adult, with any stress and anxiety and sickness even like common cold, the incidence would become more severe. I was prescribed with tranquilizers and strong sedatives.

Until one year after my marriage, in age of 20 after my father passed away, the attacks came back more severe and longer with depression and I went under serious treatment with psychiatrist (Dr. M. Shams Ansari) with higher dose of medication as I was taking 24 pill a day and every two weeks or monthly I would visit my psychiatrist. Six months later I met with a Faradarmani therapist (Mrs. Kondroodi) and received Faradarmani twice and I felt some changes. As I was having side effects of medications like sleepiness, lack of motivation and excitement, I continued Faradarmani sessions and courses. After six months I decided to cut my medication and have only Faradarmani but my psychiatrist Physician was opposed to it saying there will be complications. But because of my increased capacity and change of in- sight that was caused by participating in Faradarmani Sessions, I’d found enormous courage and I stopped all my medications without any consultation with my family and my Doctor. Interestingly, I cut the drugs that I would give me extreme complications like tremors and severe anxiety just by taking them half a day late. I only had a mild headache first one or two nights and had no incidents any more. One year later, at the beginning of pregnancy I had intense craving simultaneously with incidents , I contacted my Faradarmani therapist and she guided me and I could treat my intense craving in three days and also with the help of Faradarmani I had an easy and special childbirth. I had c section with spinal anesthesia (my choice) and I was relaxed with no stress, cooperating with my surgeon and had no postpar- tum depression and … thanks to Faradarmani and Psymentology.