Definition of Psymentology, an Iranian Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Authors Mohammad Ali Taheri, Amin Bayyazi
Publication date 2013/7/9
Journal Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences
Volume 84
Pages 1534-1549
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract Abstract Being categorized with other fields of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Iran, and concerning the mind-psychology of humankind,“Psymentology”[‘Psyche’+’Mental’+ Logy] or “Interuniversal Mind-Psychology” has an Interuniversalist perspective on the human being with an all-inclusive approach. In Psymentology, mind and psyche are each addressed as a separate concept, comprising a specific part of an individual. The main target of Psymentology is understanding and gaining knowledge about human being, the
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