Definition of ‘Psyche’, Psychological or Emotional Body as Approached by Psymentology

Authors Mohammad Ali Taheri, Amin Biriya
Publication date 2013/7/9
Journal Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences
Volume 84
Pages 1651-1659
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract Abstract Being categorized amidst other fields in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) of Iran, and concerning the Mind-psychology of mankind,“Psymentology”[‘Psyche’+’Mental’+’Logy’] or “Interuniversal Mind-Psychology” has an Interuniversalist perspective with a totally holistic way of viewing the human being. Mind (Zehn) and psyche each are dealt as separate concepts in Psymentology, each comprising a specific part of an individual. This subject tries to alleviate mental and psychological disorders.“Psyche” is the part of human
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