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Study of Faradarmani Therapy on Schizophernia (A case study)

Authors Vahid Riahi, Roja Larijani, Mohammad Ali Taheri
Publication date 2011/12/31
Journal Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences
Volume 30
Pages 2542-2545
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract Faradarmani is a kind of complementary and alternative medicine in Iran. in shape of case study design in 8 months, the faradarmani therapy was performed on a woman with schizophrenia. Elham is a 40 years old woman and the diagnosis for her is acute  undifferentiated schizophrenia, along with dysthymia. Her status during the period of therapy was closely observed by two psychiatrists, a neurologist, a general practitioner, an expert in clinical psychology, two faradarmani therapists and her family. And in order for 
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