International Awards for MohammadAli Taheri

International Awards for MohammadAli Taheri

Three Honorary Doctorate and from University of Traditional Medicine of Armenia For founding the Alternative and Complementary Medicines; “Faradarmani” and “Psymentology” More »

Faradarmani and Psymentology

Faradarmani and Psymentology

In these type of teraphies, the patient is connected to the Interuniversal Consciousness Network (the network of intelligence and awareness that covers the universe, Holy Spirit) and their defective body parts are identified and the treatment begins with the elimination of the symptoms. More »

Faradarmani come from a viewpoint called Interuniversalism.

Faradarmani come from a viewpoint called Interuniversalism.

Interuniversalism is a totally holistic way of viewing the human in which man is not considered just as a pile of flesh and bones, but as vast as the whole world of existence. More »


Faradarmani & Psymentology

Amnesty International’s Urgent Action  


This is the third time the authorities had sought the death penalty against Mohammad Ali Taheri for the same activities.


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Faradarmani & Psymentology are types of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), a branch of Interuniversalism, founded by Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri in Iran. These CAM are based on a viewpoint called Interuniversalism. According to this approach, human is not only a pile of flesh and bones but as vast and limitless as the universe. additional to physical components, which is considered as hardware part of human, he has countless software programs which can run this physic.
In this video, Mohammad Ali Taheri, describes more about these systems of therapy.

 Awards and Universal Products as a result of Universal Presentations of Faradarmani and Psymentology:

“Road to Freedom” is a short documentary about Mohammad Ali Taheri, Persian scholar, theorist and spiritual teacher, who has been imprisoned since May 4 2011 for his scientific theories, thoughts and beliefs in Tehran, Iran.