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A prisoner of conscience in Iran, who has undergone sixteen hunger strikes to protest the harsh conditions

imposed on him, is now in danger of the death penalty and needs your help.



  • Mohammad Ali Taheri, who is in a fragile health condition, has been in pre-trial solitary confinement for over six years in Iran’s notorious Evin prison.
  • He was sentenced to five years in prison and later sentenced to death for the charge of “Corruption on Earth”.
  • The initial death sentence was quashed in December 2015, but the investigation into his case continued. 
  • On February 7th, 2016 (1.5 years ago), he completed serving his unjust five-year sentence and should have been released. However, the Iranian authorities have continued to imprison him in solitary confinement without a charge. 
  • Currently, they are seeking the death penalty again for the same charge of Corruption on Earth, for which he was tried once and found innocent. 

We need the support of the international community in our effort to voice our concern and let the Iranian authorities know that the world is watching and will not remain silent. All we need from you is a signature that will take 15 seconds of your time. Amnesty International in Germany has created a short petition.

Please  Go to the link provided below and sign the petition

(You can also have access to Dr. Taheri’s biography; if you are interested)

Note: the form is in German, but you can still fill it out. Here is how:
 First box = enter your first name.
Second box = enter your last name.
Third box = enter your email address.
Then check the next two boxes and scroll down and click the yellow “sofort handeln” button. You are done! You will see “Danke” appear, which means “Thank You” in German.

Please share this link with others as well. We are eternally grateful that you are helping save our loved ones life.